Riyad Mahrez: What Happened?

Transfer deadline day always creates late drama and madness, and this summer there was huge speculation surrounding the future of Algerian winger Riyad Mahrez.


The drama began when the Algerian FA tweeted that Mahrez was released from international duty to find a new club, but now DZ Football can shed some light on what happened.

Riyad Mahrez has been trying to leave Leicester City for the past year. He tried to do it last summer, where he tried to get himself a bigger club then, but that didn’t work out so he stayed and signed a new contract with the Foxes.

This summer, he was desperate to go but the big clubs didn’t try and sign him. Mahrez has tried to link himself with all sorts of teams. He’s been on the radar of some of the bigger clubs, but as back-up plans instead of being a main target.

For example, Mahrez was a back-up plan for Arsenal if they couldn’t get Lemar, and deadline day showed that Wenger was never completely convinced on signing the Algerian.

Mahrez, and not his agent, was behind the deadline day madness. He engineered it and Mahrez tried to make it public that the Algerian training camp were letting him leave so that he could then negotiate a transfer.

He hoped that this would then drive some interest, as Mahrez felt there was not enough interest in him all year. He really tried to create a market for himself on the final day of the transfer window.

It backfired. He didn’t come close to signing for anyone. A few clubs did take a look at him but that was it. Roma were the only team to make official bids. Mahrez is still a Leicester player and has returned to training with them.

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