Rocks pelted from stands during Algerian Cup semi-final

The Algerian Cup semi-final between JS Kabylie and MC Alger was marred by violence from the stands. 

Rocks thrown from the stands

Taking place in Constantine, the ground has a capacity of 60,000 supporters. 57,000 were from JS Kabylie, the designated home side, and 3,000 for MC Alger.

Trouble started at half-time when MC Alger fans clashed with police, and riots broke out as fans were dispersed towards the exits to run for safety.

And towards the end of the match, rocks were then pelted by supporters towards MC Alger goalkeeper Farid Chaal. The match was then stopped so the field could be cleared of the stones that were thrown.

With the match going to extra-time, supporters once again began to throw heavy rocks onto the field and the game was stopped once again so that they could be cleared as the playing surface was unsafe.

Clashes off the pitch

After a boring 0-0 draw, the encounter went to penalties and JS Kabylie won 5-4 in sudden death. A skied effort by Abdelaziz Ammachi meant that JSK went through after Benaldjia’s penalty hit the back of the net.

MC Alger have now lost twice in two weeks to JS Kabylie, with one loss in the league and one loss in the Cup. JSK will face either USM Bel Abbes or CR Zaouia in the final.

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