Aouacheria has dreams of playing for Algeria

With four goals in Portuguese football this season, 24-year-old winger Bilel Aouacheria is starting to make the headlines. We were lucky enough to speak to the young Algerian footballer who currently plays in Liga NOS for Moreirense.

1) Tell us about your career so far.

“I started to play in a small club near Saint-Etienne in France when I was six years old. After I left for Saint-Etienne at eight years old until I was 20. I made all my formations there. Then I never signed a professional contract so I moved to Portugal and sign with Covilha, a Second League club. Two years later, Sporting wanted me so I went but with the B team. And after this I go to Moreirense in the First League.”

2) Do you have dreams of playing for Algeria?

“Yes, playing for Algeria is such a dream, but I don’t focus on it. I have so much work to do before.”


3) Which players inspire you the most?

“All the big players are inspiration but if I have to choose one it’s Cristiano Ronaldo, for all the talent he has mostly with his mind to always want more and more and stay so many times at the top. I like Mahrez and Brahimi, they play in my position and inspire me too they are very good players.”

4) How are you finding Moreirense?

“Moreirense give me the opportunity to play at this level so I am very grateful. We have good conditions in the First League, here it is very competitive.”

A big thanks to Aouacheria for taking the time to talk to us. We wish him the very best with his career!

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