How Madjer is mastering Algeria’s downfall

Rabah Madjer’s reign as Algeria manager has been nothing but chaotic. The state of Algerian football has been ruined, and a platform that used to unite a country that has had so little to celebrate is now divided.

We used to fill our football grounds hours before kick-off, but now stadiums are half empty and tickets are handed out for free to come and watch Riyad Mahrez and co.

Whilst Madjer has no qualifications as a manager, he is only partly the reason to blame. The people above him are indeed telling him what to do.

Madjer was clearly installed by the Algerian government, namely the minister of sport. and is puppeted by the new Football Association president Khereddine Zetchi.

Zetchi tells Madjer which players to pick in an attempt to make economic gains from the Algerian national team. The former Paradou chairman is looking to get Paradou players international caps and then sell them to Europe for a profit.


This is why we have seen players such as Toufik Moussaoui and Farid El Mellali called up in the latest squad, over the likes of Alexandre Oukidja and Ryad Boudebouz.

Madjer has been to one Algerian league game all year, yet has the audacity to somehow pick 18 players born in Algeria. Whilst Ligue 1 DZ does have talent, Madjer makes the complete wrong choices.

The two top scorers in the division, Oussama Darfalou and Lamine Abid, have not even been included in the latest Algeria squad.

And now the players refuse to play for him. Rais M’Bolhi and Sofiane Feghouli both pulled out the latest squad as they did not want to play under this current regime.

With two losses in a row against Iran and Saudi Arabia, it is clear that Algerian football is going very backwards. Time will only tell what the next chapter is.

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