How Zetchi and Madjer ruined Algeria’s golden generation

An embarrassing performance against Portugal saw the Algerian national team make it four matches lost in a row. The glory days of 2010 and 2014 seem a long time ago now. A highly successful foundation has been destroyed so quickly.


Manager Madjer

The first problem comes with the appointment of Rabah Madjer. He was a legend as a player, but does not have any managerial qualifications. This is so evident in watching Algeria play this year. There are no tactics and no styles of play implemented on the team.

Having not been to a single game in the Algerian league all season, it is impossible for him to make valid judgements when selecting the squads. Players such as Salim Boukhanchouche look so out of their depth.

He told journalists to ‘shut up’ in a press conference, and has evidently lost the dressing room. The players have no hunger or desire to perform for him. How can he play Zinedine Ferhat as a right-back against Ronaldo?

Paradou Profits

We went from filling our stadiums hours before kick off to having empty seats. Adidas have not even provided us with their new kit yet due to the awful organisation at the top of the FA.

Zetchi, the former chairman at Paradou, keeps forcing players from Paradou to be called up. This way, he can put his prodigies on a greater stage and sell them on for a personal profit.

The likes of Farid El Mellali, Raouf Benguit and Toufik Moussaoui should be nowhere near the squad. But they will go for a great price if they can call themselves international players on their CVs. It is disgusting that our national team is being used as an economic bargaining tool.

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