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Algeria consider 2030 World Cup bid with Morocco and Tunisia

Algeria are considering a bid for the hosting of the 2030 World Cup alongside fellow North African countries Morocco and Tunisia, according to ESPN.

The World Cup has never been hosted in North Africa, and Morocco have lost the bid to host the tournament five times. It has been in Africa just once, hosted by South Africa in 2010.

2030 will mark the 100th anniversary of the World Cup, and there is expected to also be a joint South American bid by Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Mohamed Hattab, the Algerian Minister for Sport, said that: “Algeria will study a possible candidacy for the organisation of the World Cup.”

Algeria have been at the World Cup four times, and are the most successful North African nation at the competition with three victories overall compared to the two that Morocco and Tunisia have.

Les Verts also recently missed out on the opportunity to host AFCON 2019, losing to eventual winners Cameroon. There are certainly big political issues to be solved if the three nations are to come together.

Algeria have not hosted a major tournament since the 1990 edition of AFCON, in which they were champions. Tunisia similarly hosted AFCON in 2004 and won it too in their home country.

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