Algerian makes the top 100 for FIFA 19 ratings

Riyad Mahrez has been given an 85 rating on FIFA 19, it has been announced. This is the joint highest rating he has ever had on his base gold card, which is what he had when at Leicester City in FIFA 17.

EA Sports

He is the 99th highest rated player in the game, making it into the EA Sports FIFA 19 top 100.

The left-footed player has been given five star skills which makes his right foot just as good in the new games. He also has four star skills and has been turned into a right winger. His previous cards have had him as a right midfielder.

All of his attributes have had a boost. The pace is now up to 85, and the dribbling is up to 90. He is the fourth highest rated African player in the game. Of course his club on the card has changed from Leicester City to Man City.

Mahrez was also recently named in the Algeria squad for their upcoming game against Gambia in qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations.

Mahrez’s card will certainly be popular when the game is released at the end of September. Follow DZ Football for all of the latest Algerian football news in English.

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