Mahrez wastes opportunity against West Ham

Riyad Mahrez was given a lifeline by manager Pep Guardiola. After a grueling 120 minutes on Sunday in the League Cup final, he rotated his Man City side and handed the Algerian his first Premier League start of 2019 against West Ham.


However, the right winger was a huge disappointment. He had to grab the opportunity with both hands, but he did the opposite and squandered the chance to cement a starting berth in the line-up.

The Man City team did their best to get Mahrez involved in the game. They passed the ball to him at every opportunity possible.

But on countless occasions, he was in an offside position. And when he did get hold of the ball, the 28-year-old either wasted his shots at goal or passed the ball aimlessly out of play.

He was substituted in the 54th minute, with City struggling at 0-0 in the second half. Raheem Sterling came on and City went on to win the match and keep their Premier League title hopes alive.

You have to feel for Mahrez, as it was extremely evident that his confidence had been completely shattered after being on the bench for the majority of the campaign.

It is very difficult to see how Pep can trust him going into the latter stages of the season. Mahrez looks as though as will continue to be a Cup player.

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