Algeria fans plan to boycott Gambia game

Algerian supporters are planning on boycotting Friday night’s AFCON 2019 qualifier against Gambia.

Over the last few weeks, Algerian people have been protesting peacefully against the political regime which has already forced presidential elections to be postponed. Furthermore, the public have been going on strike. This has led to delays in airports, trains and even seen people refuse to open up their shops.

In the domestic league, MC Alger vs USM Alger which is the biggest game every season in Ligue 1 DZ, had little to no fans inside the ground as a stand against the fifth mandate. Various fans are planning boycotts all over social media.

22,000 tickets went on sale Wednesday morning for the game that is taking place in Blida. Central defender Rafik Halliche sided with the supporters: “We respect the choice of the people and the supporters. If they want to come, we are there to make a match to allow the Algerians to be entertained and forget a little about what is happening, but if they want to boycott we respect that and that is it.

Regardless of the turnout, the game will still go ahead with kick-off at 7.45pm. You can follow Algeria vs Gambia in English with DZ Football.

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