Algeria’s football grounds show the country needs investment in infrastructure

Algerian football journalist Dean Ammi went to visit three different football stadiums in Algiers, and the comparison between the grounds in Algeria are remarkable.

Firstly, the Stade du 5 Juillet (5th July Stadium) is the official home of the national team. It is an iconic ground, with green, red and white chairs that represent the flag. There is also a running track around the stadium. It is probably the nicest ground in the country, with its modern look and good facilities.

However, other club grounds in the capital were disappointing. Although they are functional, they use artificial grass and require upgrading to keep up with modern times. The Omar Hamadi Stadium is in a great location. There are sea views and a mosque nearby. But the grass is not real and there are two sides of the pitch that do not have any stands.

Finally, the 20th August Stadium, home to CR Belouizdad, was in a poor state. Fans have to sit on concrete and there are huge fences to stop projectiles being thrown onto the field.

What makes these stadiums outstanding are the Algerian football fans. They are the most important part of the game. Without them, there is no atmosphere and matches played are less exciting.

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