Algeria set for DR Congo and Mauritania friendlies

The Algerian national team would like to play three friendly matches ahead of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations as preparation for the tournament. They would like each match to be used as preparation for each individual group phase encounter.

Djamel Belmadi’s side are in talks with DR Congo, in a game that would likely take place on June 16th at Villarreal’s stadium in Spain. This would be a clever friendly, with Algeria likely to meet DR Congo in the last 16 of the competition. If Algeria and DR Congo both come second in their respective groups, then they will meet in the last 16 of AFCON 2019.

The second game is a friendly against Mauritania, another side that have qualified for the competition in Egypt this summer. This is a much easier opposition for Algeria, where they should win comfortably. Algeria also faced Mauritania in a pre-tournament friendly for AFCON 2017 two years ago.

And the third game is unknown, but Algeria would preferably like an East African nation in order to prepare for their Cairo matches in Group C against Kenya and Tanzania. You can follow all the build-up to the tournament in English, as well as the tournament itself, with DZ Football.

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