Why 2019 could be historic for Algeria

2019 has already had the seeds of a historic year for the nation of Algeria. The country came together, both in Algeria and the diaspora abroad, to peacefully protest and successfully oust President Bouteflika after the longest ever political reign in the country.

Although the country still has a long way to go politically despite the removal of Bouteflika, there is progress for sure as the people rally together every Friday afternoon to oust the regime. Presidential elections have been delayed and what happens next is still relatively blurred.

However, what is certain is that the people are coming together. Algeria is unifying as a nation. And this has increased with the performance of the Algerian national team at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

Algeria have won all four games and conceded no goals at the tournament. and people across the land are doing all they can to follow the team. Whether it is by watching in a coffee shop, or projecting the game onto a wall in the car park, nothing will stop the Algerians watching this competition.

2019 could see a new leader appointed as well as a huge sporting triumph on the biggest continental stage. It promises to be a huge few weeks for Algeria both on and off the field.

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