Why to bet on soccer?

Online soccer betting can earn money, but for this you need to adhere to some of the rules that are presented in this article. Let’s make a reservation right away that someone has their own theory about the game in bookmakers over the years, but even such players will be able to find answers for themselves, not to mention beginners. There is no win-win strategy in soccer, all players have a series of losses, even with the smallest quotes, because this is primarily a sport.

How to choose the right soccer bet

Make your own decisions and consider several factors:

  1. The current form of soccer teams and statistics of personal meetings;
  2. Tournament motivation and the latest news;
  3. Starting line-up and place of the match.

There are a huge number of forecasters and experts on the Internet. But they do not make money on rates, but on the sale of their opinion, which is no better than yours. Trust only your knowledge, analysis and intuition. Start with the championships and soccer teams that you follow regularly.
How much money should I bet? Determine the game bank – start with an amount comparable to spending on other entertainment. We recommend allocating 1-2% of the game bank for one rate. In this case, even with a series of failures, you will save most of the money. If you are profitable at a distance, think about increasing the size of the bets.

Analysis of statistics

Use statistics to analyze sporting events. Study statistics and increase your chances of winning. If you have chosen soccer matches for gambling, consider the following information:

  • History of personal meetings.
  • Results of the last matches.
  • The position of the teams in the tournament.
  • The number of days off since the last match.
  • Home and Away Rivals Results.
  • The history of the confrontation between the head coaches of the teams.
  • Results of matches with superior teams.
  • Results of matches with subordinate teams.
  • Disqualifications and injuries of players.
  • Team results when judged by a designated referee.

The main mistake players make when choosing a bet on a soccer match is to use only part of the statistics and ignore important facts. To analyze soccer matches, study all the available statistics.
For example, you are considering a bet on Manchester City to win in an away match against Wolverhampton in the Premier League. The Citizens won four matches in a row, while the Wolves lost in their previous home game. In their past five games with Wolverhampton, Manchester City have won only one regulation time. As a result, the “wolves” beat the “townspeople” with a score of 3: 2.

Soccer betting touchstone

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is one of the top-know events for football fans all over the world

The main criteria to consider when choosing a soccer game and preparing the right rate.

You must analyse them first.

  • the place occupied by teams at the end of the last season and in previous years;
  • transfers carried out in the off-season;
  • the presence of injured and disqualified players;
  • team performance in the current season;
  • teams’ performance in several official games of the current championship (it is advisable not to take friendly matches into account);
  • press news and expert reviews about teams;
  • bookmaker quotes for the upcoming match;
  • the number and difference between goals scored and conceded;
  • detailed study of the tournament table;
  • How long has the head coach been in charge of the team?

The most common mistakes in soccer betting

It is not difficult to place rates on soccer, but making winning bets is far from easy. Do not place online soccer rates on teams you root for or sympathize with, as you always put them one step higher, regardless of the strength of the opponent, expecting a victory or, in the worst case, a decent result. Such actions are extremely unacceptable, especially when it comes to large amounts.
Do not make rash and hasty decisions when you see a large coefficient for a soccer team that, in principle, is obliged to win in the upcoming game, you must first study the situation (the internal state of the team’s players, the number of disqualified and injured, the latest club results).
Do not trust forecasts obtained from unreliable sources. Indeed, often on the Internet you can find scammers who are ready to sell a prediction for a match, even if for minimal money. Forget about fairy tales, wizards and match-fixing. Basically, all such sites / groups / topics do not exist for a long time and their reputation is not always at a high level. As a rule, you will be interested in such people before the first deception.
Never change your decision, because it is then that it becomes very offensive when you find out that the event that you decided to ignore has passed, but yours has not. And if you have any doubts, it is better not to raise any doubts at all.
You should never play it back. If your bet did not go through, you should not try to recoup with quick bets, since such bets are made on emotions, thoughtlessly and often lost.

What soccer bets can you earn consistently and confidently?

This is a fairly common question. All players, at the beginning of their careers, try to determine what specific events and what rates they can consistently and confidently earn.
In our opinion, this can be done by guessing the outcomes of the matches. After all, the person who was seriously interested in soccer at the beginning of the 21st century, has repeatedly participated in local newspaper forecasting competitions and has some experience.
But there is no need to rush here, for a start, you can just practice without money or at minimum rates, for example, equal to 1 USD, and only after that, with good hands, start making serious bets, this approach can also be attributed to any events in sports life.
Let’s hope that our recommendations will serve as a good basis and you can start making the right bets on soccer today.