What is soccer betting?

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Let’s start with the main thing: sports betting is not about making money, but about entertainment. Only scammers promise guaranteed income. Betting can definitely give you emotions, and with a reasonable approach and a bit of luck, it can please you with a big win.
Soccer is the most popular sport among players. It accounts for about 40% of the volume of rates. Below we will analyze the basics of gambling and go from choosing a reliable bookmaker to the main tips for beginners.

Nuances and features of soccer betting

When choosing soccer rates, you need to take into account a number of general rules for all sports. The first and most important rule: gambling is a hobby, not a way to make money. Therefore, it is not worth spending more money on the match at the bookmaker’s office than you can afford on entertainment.
For the correct choice of sports gambling, the following recommendations should be considered:

  1. gamble only on those sports and tournaments that you follow and understand;
  2. do not gamble at random, analyze the event, study information about the match;
  3. control the bank and rationally determine the amount of the rate.

We will tell you more about each rule and its application in gambling on soccer further, but for now we will understand the types of rates.

Types of bets in soccer

The types mentioned below are the most common gambles in soccer.

Single is the simplest and most understandable type of soccer gambling. An ordinary gamble is a gamble on one outcome (victory of one of the teams, total, handicap, exact score, etc.). The rate is calculated more simply than other types: the amount of the rate is multiplied by the coefficient.
You shouldn’t spend a lot of money on one single order. Better to limit yourself to no more than 7% of the bank. Occasionally it can be increased to 15-20%.

Exact score
This is a type of bet when the player has to guess the exact score with which the soccer match will end. This type of bet is distinguished by high odds, since there are many combinations of the account and it is difficult to guess the exact variant.
The rates on the exact score are made either by random players who are attracted by a high coefficient, or by bettors who use a strategy.

Time + Match
This market implies betting immediately on the outcome of the first half and the entire match. As a rule, such markets have high odds, because the player has to guess two outcomes.

The time-match market can be used to place rates on the play of an outsider with a leader. Usually, higher odds are given for such options. The weaker team is capable of holding a draw until the break, but loses at the end of the meeting.